Engaging with Māori

The Law Commission takes Māori perspectives into account when we work. We consult with Māori on all our projects generally, and as particular stakeholders where relevant.

Māori Liaison Committee

The Māori Liaison Committee supports the Law Commission to do this. The Committee’s Terms of Reference are here.

The Committee has permanent members drawn from the judiciary, the legal profession, academia and te ao Māori. It may also have advisory members, who, on an ad hoc basis, give advice on projects where they have expertise.

The Committee’s core members are:

  • Justice Joe Williams (chair)
  • Sir Hirini Moko Mead
  • Te Ripowai Higgins
  • Deputy Chief Judge Caren Fox
  • Judge Denise Clark
  • Judge Damian Stone
  • Tai Ahu
  • Jason Ake
  • Jaime-Lee Tuuta