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Have your say on the Second Issues Paper in Review of Adult Decision-Making Capacity Law

Law Commission publishes Second Issues Paper in Review of Adult Decision-Making Capacity Law

We are pleased to let you know that Te Aka Matua o te Ture | Law Commission has today published the Second Issues Paper in our review of the law relating to adult decision-making capacity.  It focuses on the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988. However, a number of the issues we discuss are of much wider significance.

We have also published four Key Topic documents. These are short, plain-language summaries of a few of the most important topics in the Second Issues Paper and are available in many accessible formats and in te reo Māori.  

The Issues Paper and Key Topic documents are available on our website:

Submissions can be made online or by one of the alternative submission options noted on the website. Submissions are due by 5pm Friday 21 June 2024.  

When we are ready to consult publicly on a law reform review, we invite the public to give us feedback by making a submission. We want to hear from anyone who has experience of the issues under review. Any contribution is welcome, large or small.

Submissions help us better understand different experiences of and issues with the law and develop better recommendations for change.

Submissions can be made during a review's public consultation period(s). You can subscribe for updates on any current review to be alerted when it is open for public consultation.

When we are seeking submissions for a review, we will include guidance on how to make a submission on the review’s project webpage. 

This will include a closing date for submissions. We set a deadline so that we have enough time to properly consider the issues and develop our recommendations. We may not be able to consider a late submission.