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Consulting is a fundamental part of our process. The public, and especially interested parties and experts, have a say on the issues we raise.

We use our issues papers to engage with the public on issues and to propose ideas for reform. It is critical that the current views of New Zealanders inform our recommendations.

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Suggest an area of the law for reform

Community groups, people working with the law and members of the public who have experienced the law are often best placed to identify areas of the law that need reform. We’d like to hear your suggestions about law that you think needs to be changed, simplified or modernised.

The Commission keeps a list of issues with the laws of Aotearoa New Zealand that have been suggested as requiring reform. We use this list as a starting point when generating our advice on potential law reform projects to the Minister Responsible for the Law Commission (who is also the Minister for Justice), who sets the Commission’s work programme.

See law reform suggestions that have been made to us.

Threatening, abusive or unlawful communications

The issues we review sometimes generate strong opinions and disagreement. It is our role to consider all sides of an issue. We also need to keep our people safe. If a communication contains material that is threatening, abusive or unlawful, we will stop reading or listening to it and will disregard its contents. We will not respond to a communication that is threatening, abusive or unlawful and, if applicable, will block the sender’s email address.

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Please be aware that we are unable to give legal advice or respond to legal complaints. If you need legal advice please contact your local community law centre, use the Law Society's online Find a Lawyer service, or contact the Lawyers Complaints Service at 0800 261 801.


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