Extension of submission deadline on 'Death and Cremation Certification in New Zealand' issues paper

The publication in May of the Law Commission’s issues paper on the laws governing the processes around death prompted considerable media and public interest.

To date the Commission has received 27 submissions responding to the questions and preliminary options discussed in the paper, Final Words: Death and Cremation Certification in New Zealand (IP23, 2011). Submissions have come from a broad range of stakeholders and individuals including the New Zealand Police, coroners, government departments, medical and public health organisations, representatives of the funeral and cremation sector, and consumer groups.

Since the paper’s publication the Law Commission has held meetings with a number of organisations, including the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health, the New Zealand Police and the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.

Several organisations have also requested an extension to the original submission deadline of 1 July. Submissions will now be accepted until 30 July 2011.

Submissions will be made available to the public after the closing date. Details to follow.