Law Commission’s role in certifying revision bills

Publication Date 
21 June 2019

The President, Sir Douglas White, attended certifier meetings for the Partnership Law Bill on 3 December 2018 and 4 March 2019. The Bill revises the Partnership Act 1908, which is old and uses out-of-date language.

The purpose of a revision Act is to re-enact, in an up-to-date and accessible form, the law contained in one or more Acts. Under the Legislation Act 2012, the President of the Law Commission is one of four certifiers of revision Bills. The other certifiers are the Chief Parliamentary Counsel, the Solicitor-General and retired High Court Judge, the Hon John Priestly. The role of the certifiers is to check that the revision powers in the Legislation Act have been exercised appropriately in the preparation of a revision Bill and that the Bill does not change the effect of the law (except as authorised by the Legislation Act).

The Partnership Law Bill was introduced on 28 May 2019, following this certification. It received its first reading on 11 June. The Justice Committee has called for submissions on the Bill by 25 July. Their report is due on 11 December 2019.