Limitation of Action

Start date
01 February 1999
04 473 3453
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Project Overview

The purpose of this project was to examine and review the Limitation Act, which lays down rules for determining the cut-off dates after which it is too late for an intending plaintiff to bring a civil claim. When the Government indicated it wished to advance legislation on the topic at the start of 2007, the Commission instructed Christopher Corry, Barrister to review these reports and draw attention to subsequent developments in the law. Mr Corry’s report was made available by the Commission to the Ministry of Justice to assist in settling policy with Government. In December 2007 a Consultation Draft Bill was sent to stakeholders for their comment and published on the website. In 2008, a Reference Group chaired by Hon Justice Blanchard was formed, including representatives of the NZLS, Bar Association, Ministry of Justice and Parliamentary Counsel Office as well as Chris Finlayson (who, as an opposition MP, drafted a Limitation Bill for introduction as a private member’s bill), Chris Corry, and Commissioners John Burrows and George Tanner. In November 2008, a redraft of the bill was completed, which was considered by Government for inclusion on the 2009 Legislative Programme.