Presentation of New Zealand Statute Law

Start date
12 October 2006
04 473 3453
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Project Overview

The Law Commission is undertaking this project in conjunction with the Parliamentary Counsel Office. The project involves the Commission investigating and recommending methods of making New Zealand Statute Law more accessible. In September 2007, the Law Commission released an Issues Paper, Presentation of New Zealand Statute Law, produced in conjunction with the Parliamentary Counsel Office. The Issues Paper investigates and suggests a range of methods of achieving greater accessibility. Among the solutions discussed are the introduction of a subject index and a systematic revision of the New Zealand statutes. Following consultation and public submissions, a final Report is being produced, which will be released before the end of 2008.

Terms of Reference 

The commission, in conjunction with the Parliamentary Council Office, will investigate and recommend methods of making New Zealand Stature Law more accessible by the introduction of a more systematic method of classifying and/or indexing Acts of Parliament. This will include: 

a) Carrying out preliminary research; 
b) Investigating statutory classification or indexing initiatives in order jurisdictions; 
c) Reviewing electronic subject based indexing and searching methods; 
d) Developing a discussion paper for public consultation; and 
e) Making final recommendation to Government