Review of Succession Law

Helen McQueen
Project contact
John-Luke Day
04 914 4813
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Project Overview

The law of succession is the system of rules that determines who gets people’s property when they die. Succession law covers many matters, such as: 

  • the rights of a will maker to dispose of their property as they wish; 
  • who should be entitled to share in the deceased’s property when the deceased did not make a will; and 
  • who should be entitled to claim further provision from the deceased’s property.

In July 2019 the Minister Responsible for the Law Commission requested that the Commission review succession law. This follows on from the Law Commission’s report on the Property (Relationships) Act 1976. In that report, the Commission recommended that a person’s property rights when their spouse or partner dies should be considered as part of a separate and wider review of succession law. 

The Law Commission is in the process of determining the scope and timeframe of the project. Once available, Terms of Reference will be published on this page.