Ka aha mātou

What we do

We make recommendations for reform and development of the law

We review areas of the law of Aotearoa New Zealand that the Minister responsible for the Commission refers to us for review. We then recommend how to improve that law, including how to make it more accessible and easier to understand.

Engagement and consultation are important parts of our law reform reviews. They help us better understand the issues and develop well-considered recommendations to improve the law.

We promote discussion and consultation though a range of methods, including by publishing issues papers and inviting public submissions on them. We take the feedback we receive into account in developing our recommendations for reform.

We publish our recommendations in a report to the Minister, who presents it to Parliament. The Government then decides whether, how and when it will amend the law.

We advise on areas of law for possible review

We also advise our responsible Minister on areas of law for possible future review and reform. To do this, we monitor developments in the law and invite suggestions for reform from the public.

We are independent

The Commission is an independent Crown entity. The Government does not direct how we carry out our work or the recommendations we make.

Our independence allows us to approach each law reform review with an open mind, consider the broader context and advise how to achieve better law for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our law reform reviews

See our current and past law reform reviews.

Our work implemented

See a list of measures that have implemented the recommendations in our reports.

Our vision and values

Our values underpin how we work to achieve our vision.