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Suggest a topic for review

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One of our roles is to advise the Minister responsible for the Law Commission on areas of law for possible future review and reform. To do this, we monitor developments in the law and invite suggestions on areas of law for reform from organisations and the public.

We keep a record of the suggestions made to us and take them into account in developing our advice to the Minister.

Community groups, people working with the law and people who are or have been affected by particular laws are often best placed to identify areas of law that need reform. We want to hear your ideas about law that you think needs to be changed, simplified or modernised.

When you make a suggestion, please be as descriptive and as specific as you can about the problems you see with the law and any ideas to improve it.

In general, we review bigger, systemic issues with the law. Specific or narrow legal issues will not usually be referred to us by the Minister. We make recommendations to improve the law, not how political debates can be resolved.

See other law reform suggestions that have been made to us.

Suggest a topic of law for review